A rhythm you didn't create


A Rythm you didn't create is an open composition for six vocalists, played back on an eight multi channel system.
Based on the individual breathing cycle of each vocalist, the piece has no metrum itself, thus forming a textured soundscape.

The recorded piece was shown alongside with the Installation "BREATH ing HEART" of Johanna Keimeyer at Art Basel 2017 in the historic water filter building Filter 4.

About the installation:
BREATH ing HEART is an art installation of a walk-in heart, that accommodates up to 20 people at once. This heart fills itself with air and pulses in a breathing rhythm accompanied by light, scent, and sound. In this installation visitors can experience what it’s like to be inside their own body guided by the artist’s voice via headphones.



Sound Concept


kling klang klong
Daniel Schellongowski

Capucine Bernades
Teal George
Anton Granget
Johanna Keymeier
Milly Oldfield
Richard Setford



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