Art and research

Everything we do is based on art and research.

We pursue our own research on sensor interfaces, motion-to-sound software, generative composition and concepts of interaction.

Our independent projects, experiments and collaborations with a diverse network of artists and engineers provide inspiration and ensure the continuous development of our skills and knowledge.

Find some projects below:

Collide – Dolby gallery

We developed and executed this “virtual to reality” audio concept as the soundtrack to the installation “Collide”, which was displayed in the Dolby Gallery in San Francisco, CA, as a collaboration with the visual-coding studio onformative.


“Mirror” is a collaboration with visual coding studio schnellebuntebilder. The VR-Installation analysizes the user’s movement and transforms it into a glitched reflection.


The user and his or her surroundings transform into a fluid creature within a continuously transforming system of particles. It’s a virtual reality in which movement becomes sound and where matter seems to dissolve.




Kling klang klong — studio for sound, music and interaction

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