Big printer


Data and its use are fiercely discussed among people and their governments these days. The „Big Printer“ encourages awareness of data being collected but leaves the choice of how to deal with it to the individual. As Wroclaw was named culture capital of Europe 2016, Goethe Instiute displayed this collaboration with schnellebuntebilder on Plac Nowy Targ, Wroclaw.



After our vernissage we met David Ebner and Tobias Zimmer with their work "Database", that was presented some months before "Big Printer" and deals with the same topic in a very similar way. We would like to bring your attention to their work as well:

> Database


concept and soundinstallation


Curated by Goethe Institut Polen

Supported by WRO Art Center

special thanks:
Jan Bernstein von Quadrature
Uli Henrik Streckenbach





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