We love great music and sound design and put passion into every single piece we send out. Our team draws upon diverse backgrounds ranging from rock shows to movie scores, dance performance to TVC and world expos to club gigs in Berlin. Whatever special need a project may have, we will take it on with our hearts and expertise, and make sure that the outcome is more than satisfying to all parties involved.

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Samsung quatum dot

In close cooperation with visual and installation artists, we composed and produced music and sound-design, interpreting the discovery and history of colored micro-particles used in the display technology.


Better save soil

This film by Uli Streckenbach is the sequel to the film “Let’s Talk about Soil”. We used ‘seasonal’ instruments and ‘local’ recordings for the sound design and music to maintain its ‘homemade’ character and sound.

MTV Cave Rave

Initiated by our creative buddies, schnellebuntebilder, we created these wondrous sounds for the generative underwater cave. The growth of the plants is triggered by the different noises of the soundscape, unfolding an otherworldly botany.

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