Silent Drum


“The eye leads us into the world. The ear leads the world into us.“-Lorenz Oken.

Most people think that you need to hear music in order to dance to it. The documentary film “Silent Drum“ proves that wrong. It gives a fascinating view of a group of hearing-impaired children dancing to the beat of drums; they feel it without actually hearing it. The group not only dances, but regularly wins awards at Kenya‘s most important national dance festival. The soundtrack to this moving story was produced in collaboration with the famous African band Yunasi and kling klang klong in Nairobi, Kenya.



music production
score composition
sound design
location recordings


Lisa Schäffner

director of photography:
Gregor Baumert

2nd unit dop:
Brian Hüchtebrock

Barbara Dobrovitz

title themes played by:

music recorded at:
Indigo Productions
(Nairobi, Kenya)




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