Z22R - Zuse-Computer-Museum


Zuse-Computer-Museum Hoyerswerda is dedicated to the father of modern computing Konrad Zuse and the development of information technology in the 20th century. In addition to other interactive media installations in the permanent exhibition, schnellebuntebilder designed a video projection mapping onto one of Zuse’s brain childs, the Z22R, and invited kling klang klong to develop and produce the soundtrack. The project asked for an accurate reproduction of the Z22R’s original sound as well as for a contemporary audio aesthetic that evoked the 1960s soundscape.


Sound Concept
Sound Design


Concept, Design and Animation, Programming: schnellebuntebilder

Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering: kling klang klong

Construction: Jan Bernstein

Curated by: Juliane Thar

Contractor: ZCOM Stiftung






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