Sound Scenography

In 2016, KUKA opened a new, impressive audio-visual showroom in Augsburg featuring robotics that can be touched and played with. Our part in the exhibitions design was to conceive the sound scenography. This included different harmonizing musical ambients with spatial transitions between the various experiences and the design of sound engines for the interactive exhibits.

We composed ambients for the three main areas of the showroom, each of them underlying the overall narrative of the exhibition. All three compositions are derived from the sonic representation of KUKA, immersing the visitors in the world of the brand identity.

In each room the visitors can engage with different interactive experiences. The interface and feedback sounds of those exhibits were designed by us in a way to blend aesthetically with the overall ambient background.

We developed a sound engine that deploys the tracking system of the showroom. The engine activates audio content depending on the visitors position, so the sound adapts to the visitors tempo as they are moving through the space. Since all musical ambiences and sound events are rhythmically and harmonically synchronised, a seamless harmonising spatial experience is evoked for the visitor.


Our Role
Sound Concept, Music Composition & Production, Sound Design,
Interactive Audio Player, Mix & Master, On-site Implementation

KUKA AG, Augsburg

Concet, Design, Lead Agency

Technical Planning, Installation, Software, Programming, Design


Light & Sound Setup


International Sound Award 2017 / Ambient Sound