We are a small team who work together closely. Although we all have our own fields of work, our creative output is always a team effort where all ideas are welcome. We believe that all type of work is equally important in creating great outcomes, from organisation to production. We also tend to like awkward puns and even though we are seriously into what we are doing, we don’t always take ourselves serious. If you think you would fit in, we are very happy to receive your application in the following categories.
Please send your application to ping(at)klingklangklong

Internship Sound Production (f/m/d)

Next available internship: Sept 23 - Feb 24

In your sound internship, you will be an integral part of the sound production team and get a glimpse into everything from music production to on-site implementation. As our projects are quite diverse in nature, this could mean that you are part of an orchestra recording, busy with mixing interactive music or thinking about how to produce immersive ambient sound textures.

Ideally you have some experience with several Digital Audio Workstations, producing music and designing sound for media – but equally important is that you are generally open-minded and curious about sound.

// Doing the internship as part of a study programme

// Fluent in English

// Experienced in music & sound production [also sound for media]

// general knowledge of popular DAWs [we use Pro Tools, Ableton Live & Max/MSP]

// Good organisational skills

// Passionate about everything sound-related: sound art, experimental music and current pop music etc.

// Please include a small portfolio of work samples with your application