We are a creative studio for sound located in Berlin.
Our team consists of composers, sound designers, producers, programmers, scientists and creative thinkers.

We see ourselves as a family business, driven by our passion for sound and the urge to explore spaces, contemporary culture and the world around us.
For our clients of diverse backgrounds we create high-quality sound pieces notably in the field of acoustic scenography as well as sonic communication and film.

Our acoustic works pioneer in communicating with audiences through exhibitions, motion picture, interactive installations, performances and public spaces.



Because of our commitment to interacting critically with culture- and environment-related content, we run a variety of projects, thus investing in ongoing artistic, cultural and scientific research like e.g. XR, machine learning, art or film.


Acoustic Scenography is applied to closed, open, virtual and physical spaces. Our work can be found in museums, show rooms, interactive installations, performances and public spaces. Acoustic narratives transform and augment what you see with emotional depth.


We develop, compose, produce and implement sound experiences that acoustically convey the core of a message. Linear, interactive, moving image, POS.