AI Music Exhibits by kling klang klong


Interactive Music Experience

In the Futurium Lab visitors can playfully engage with our stations, speculating on the future of human-machine interaction in the field of music production. We designed three exhibits to show different possibilities on what collaboration with an artificial intelligence could look like to create music. Visitors can compose a track, conduct a band or improvise on an AI powered instrument.

AI Music Exhibits by kling klang klong

Especially the improvisation station underscores this topic with the use of neural networks. With the use of "Piano Genie" and "A.I. Duet" (Magenta) the Improvisation station allows visitors to play like a professional pianist on only 8 keys; either alone or in duet with an AI.


Our Role
Concept, Technical Planning, Music Composition & Production,
Sound Design, Interaction Design, Programming,
Mix & Master, On-site Implementation

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