Sound Scenography

Biomuseo tells the story of the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama and how this event changed the natural world as we know it today, while it educates about our role in the sustainability of life on earth. We designed the sound scenography for the museum, including three multichannel nature soundscapes with interactive sound elements, putting an emphasis on scientific accuracy. Big part of our work was to assemble a sound library which rightfully represents the rich diversity of the local wildlife.

An experiential and spatial journey guides visitors from deep in the ocean up to the rainforest and ultimately into the air, where a birds-eye view of Panama forms a celebration of all its natural and cultural diversity, inviting visitors to the “real” museum, Panama.


Starting on the ground floor, visitors enter a dimly lit, compressed space, where our immersive soundscape makes visitors feel like they just took a deep dive into the ocean. Two monumental aquariums stand on both side of the gallery, representing the different oceans that were created when Panama rose and divided the waters.


As visitors ascend the stairs to the next gallery, the ambient sound transitions from deep ocean rumbles to chirping birds and crickets. They find themselves back on land, in a high-ceilinged, light-filled space surrounded by a giant sculpture of the Panamanian rainforest.


The museum adventure culminates in the final gallery. As visitors reach the top of the stairs, a colourful projected floor awaits them. At the centre of it all sits an iconic sculpture of Panama.

As they set foot in the gallery, visitors interact with the floor, where special spots trigger waves of motion towards the sculptural map of Panama alongside musical fragments inspired by the local indigenous music.


Our Role
Sound concept, Sound design, Soundscape Composition, Mix & Master

Biomuseo Panama

Concept, Installation

Technical Systems Engineering, Truss Design / Engineering
David Carroll and Associates

Scientific Illustration
Madeline Verbica

Projection Mapping
Harvey Moon

Field Recordings
Peter R. Marting