Centre of Migratory Birds - Sound Scenography by kling klang klong


Sound Scenography

Skagen’s historic Grey Lighthouse has been transformed into an international research centre and exhibition about bird migration by ART+COM Studios. We created the sound scenography that guides the visitors on their exploration of scientific insights, real-time observation data and practical birder knowledge.

Centre of Migratory Birds - Sound Scenography by kling klang klong

Ranging from realism to impressionism, our sound scenography unifies the multidimensional approach of the exhibition with atmospheric, symphonic themes, multichannel field recordings and sound design for interactive applications. In addition to the main exhibition, we developed and produced a Soundscape Composition on the acoustic environment and community of Skagen that can be heard in the entrance hall of the lighthouse tower.

Located at the northern tip of Denmark, Skagen is infamous for its rough sea and wind. We investigated the soundscape of Skagen’s acoustic community, performed numerous field recordings and interviewed locals. The biggest adventure of our trip was an experimental bird’s eye audio recording from a helium balloon.


Our Role
Sound Concept, Sound Design, Music Composition & Production,
Mix & Master, On-site Implementation

The Danish Nature Agency

Exhibiton Design & Scenography
ART+COM Studios