Collide at Dolby Gallery- Open Musical Composition by kling klang klong


Open Music Composition

A site-specific installation commissioned by Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, COLLIDE is an exploration of the senses, achieved by transforming recorded motion data into abstract visualsand sound. COLLIDE was inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia. The soundtrack of the installation is the result of an experiment with immersion and how it affects perception:
We invited musicians to interpret the visuals as a graphic score while viewing them through virtual reality headsets.


The soundtrack of COLLIDE is an open composition which requires the improvisation of performers to the visuals. To do so, the musicians were given Virtual Reality headsets to immerse themselves in the visual world of COLLIDE.

Collide - Open Musical Composition by kling klang klong

During their performance they interpreted the animation in real-time: the visuals of COLLIDE became a graphic score in motion, dictating the dynamism, intensity, rhythm and melodic choices of the players.

Biomuseo in Panama with Sound Scenography by kling klang klong

While performing, the players were visually separated by splitting the animation into three parts and assigning each part to one player. Despite their visual separation, they shared an acoustic reality by simultaneously being able to hear the improvisation of the other players. This allowed for an exciting experience in the co-compositional process, which created the signature sound of COLLIDE.


In the end we composed the final soundtrack based on the recordings. The final 3D-Mix on Dolby Atmos at Dolby Laboratories (54 speakers in addition to 17 subs) made it possible to spatially link events in the film with the individual dynamics of the cello recordings.


Our Role
Sound Concept, Open Composition, Sound Production, Mix & Master

Dolby Gallery, San Francisco

Creative Direction, Design

Imprint Project, onformative

Christian Loclair