Fjord & Baelt - Data Sonification by kling klang klong


Data Sonification

FJORD & BÆLT is an open research lab in Kerteminde, Denmark that investigates the local marine ecosystems of the Great Belt. For the permanent underwater tunnel exhibition, we created a multichannel soundscape composition, reflecting on the natural forces that influence underwater life.


The structure of our composition was based on environmental data recorded close to the research station in 2016. For the piece we translated different variables - like the moon phase or sea level pressure into musical structures and forms. The four-hour composition passes through all recorded data of 2016 and sonifies the entire year in an acoustic time lapse, where a day lasts40 seconds and a month 20 minutes.

Fjord & Baelt - Data Sonification by kling klang klong

Our Role
Sound concept, Music Composition & Production, Sound design,
Data Sonification, Mix& Master, On-site Implementation

Fjord&Baelt Museum

Exhibiton Design and Scenography
ART+COM Studios