Luxembourg Pavilion Expo 2020

Sound Scenography

The pavilion experience takes the form of a “walking movie”, showcasing different resources of the country, from its richness of nature, to its multicultural society. In total 5 important facets of Luxembourg are celebrated. Therefore, we created the sound scenography to evoke a dramaturgical arch throughout the exhibition. Thus, visitors experience an emotional journey along a slope throughout the pavilion .

Scoring for the Luxembourg Pavilion meant nothing less than the sonic embodiment of the country of Luxembourg. Therefore, Luxembourg's own musicians - the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (OPL) - became not only the expressive core element in our sound concept, but an integral part of the experience. While the visitors are walking along the physical space, acoustically they are moving through the OPL. This is realised by representing each section of instruments through loudspeakers.

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In our concept, the pavilion becomes one, multi-faceted musical piece consisting of 6 compositions. The dramaturgical arch is elements. The dramaturgical arc is formed by 5 elements: the prologue, a sound pulse, three musical soundscapes, a highlight score and the epilogue.
To wake the visitor 's curiosity and guide them along the path to the highlight of the exhibition, we created a sound pulse that runs across the slope at periodic intervals.

Recording the score vs. the final result of the Enterprising film

The compositions of the individual elements are conceived in such a way that they complement each other and result in a spatial composition that extends over the entire pavilion. Additionally the three musical soundscapes are experienced by visitors as walkable scores. While the visitors are walking along the physical space, acoustically they are moving through the orchestra.
This is realized by representing each musical instrument section with a loudspeaker (acousmatic principle).

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Our Role
Sound Concept, Sound Design, Composition,
Arrangement, Mixing, Mix & Master, On-site Implementation

jangled nerves

Luxembourg @ Expo 2020 Dubai GIE

Gast Waltzing

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg

Max Knoth




Jangled Nerves


Jangled Nerves

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