HALO - Sound&LightSculpture by kling klang klong


Audio-Visual Installation

The large-scale installation is part of the inaugural exhibition After Nature in the Humboldt Labor at the Humboldt Forum Berlin. It symbolizes the main theme of the exhibition: Interactions and crises of natural and social systems. For this audio-visual experience we created a generative musical composition that reflects the emotional state of schooling fishes.


The composition is based on its own swarm of musical notes, in which the “forces" of swarm behaviour are applied onto voice leading.
Until a visitor approaches the colourful swarms, they playfully swirl and float around. They react to the unexpected guests as any sensible fish would do by bursting into panic.

The installation rewards a calm, observatory behaviour from the viewers which is an intentional example of how humans should approach interaction with nature. If you get close, remain calm and don’t intrude their space, the fishes become curious and start to slowly approach you.


Our Role
Sound concept, Sound Design, Generative Music Engine, Implementation

Humboldt Forum Berlin